The farm

Sun Root Organics – now in its tenth growing season – provides a unique growing and learning experience for the community and part-time interns to tap into. Sun Root Organics farmer, Paula Anderson, lives and works in the heart of Peterborough, integrating greenhouse and season extension operations, herb and flower growing, composting, food preservation and cold storage for winter crops, seed saving, food/gardening education and much more into an ever evolving permaculture system on her own in-town property.

In addition, Sun Root Organics has a unique land tenure arrangement with beautiful Ashburnham Farm Group – located 10 minutes away, near the Bensford Bridge just off of County Road 2 south of Peterborough – where up to 2 acres of organic vegetables are grown on land surrounded by forest, wetland, pond, pasture and garlic fields and a grass fed beef operation.

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